Databank Learner's Track

Welcome to your Databank!

This lesson is intended to serve as an introduction to The Databank for new users. While this article by no means includes of all the ways your Databank can be used, we think it's the best way to get oriented with the basic features of the platform.

Our recommended learning track

While it may differ depending on your organization's needs and the features included with your subscription, the following track is the recommended approach for getting started using your Databank:

  1. Understanding the basics of the search query
  2. Creating and updating contact records
  3. Watch this Databank Basics training
  4. Learn about crafting and sending a PowerMail
  5. Take the PowerMail Basics group training
  6. Making the most out of fundraising
  7. Take the Fundraising Basics group training
  8. Explore the other group trainings available

1. Search

A search query is the backbone of your Databank. You can search for contact records by almost every single piece of data in your Databank, and the matching results of those queries is called a contact selection. Once you have contacts selected from a query, you can proceed to do all sorts of things with that selection of records including sending an email, tagging records, updating fields, changing subscriptions, downloading rosters, and more.

These videos cover the basics of building and using a search query in your Databank.

  1. The Basics of Search
  2. Understanding Search Results
  3. Saving Searches

2. Contact Records

Your contact records are the most important single component in your Databank. Everything you do with your Databank is built around utilizing, analyzing, and querying your contact records. To help you understand your contact records, please take a look at the anatomy of an individual contact record, and then look at the video tutorials explaining how to add and edit contact records.


Learn about the layout of your contact screen in the following tutorial.

The Anatomy of a Contact Screen

These videos cover the basics of editing and updating contact records.

  1. Contact Records
  2. Updating Contact Records
  3. Merging Duplicates


Here is a recording of a Databank Basics training, or you can check out one of our  upcoming live trainings on the basics of your Databank


3. PowerMail

PowerMail is the bulk email service included in your Databank. There are two different editors you can use for designing your emails - a basic HTML editor and an easy-to-use Drag and Drop email editor.

Utilizing the built-in PowerMail tool, rather than a third-party server, gives you rich insight into your member's behavior and giving history. These tutorials cover the basics of using PowerMail.

  1. Creating a PowerMail Template
  2. A Crash Course in Sending a PowerMail
  3. Personalizing Emails with Merge Fields and Form Links
  4. Creating Text Versions of your Emails


Upcoming live PowerMail trainings


4. Fundraising

Your Databank contains fully integrated tools for accepting and tracking payments or donations. Having quick access and easy reporting on the financial contributions of your supporters within your Databank allows you to effectively and efficiently target your donors. These tutorials cover the basics of using your Fundraising tools and generating reports.

  1. A Crash Course in Using the Fundraising Tool
  2. Campaign Structure
  3. Make a Fundraising Roster


Upcoming live Fundraising trainings


5. Live Group Training

Live online trainings are included with your Databank agreement for every aspect of your Databank, above and beyond the few basic areas of focus which have just been mentioned here. The full training calendar can be found here, or you can use one of the links below to find a specific training.


Please take advantage of these free trainings in order to get the most out of your Databank. Your success is our number one priority, and we can't wait to help you get started!

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