A Crash Course in Using the Fundraising Tool

A quick guide to using the Fundraising tool to take donations. This primer takes you from start to finish in 10 easy steps.

Figure out how you want to identify the donations

For this you will use a segment code to identify your donations.
Segment codes can be by channel, donor level, appeal and more.

Click for a video tutorial on Setting up a Campaign.

Create or use an existing campaign



  1. Go to Campaigns
  2. Use an existing campaign (click on the campaign name to add or edit existing segments within that campaign), or
  3. Create a new campaign by clicking the Add icon

Create campaign, if needed


Every campaign needs:

  1. A name
  2. A code
  3. A description

The rest of this page can be left blank for now.

Create segment

Every campaign needs at least one segment. Every segment needs:

  1. A name
  2. A description
  3. A code

This example uses a timespan, the year, to segment online donations.

Click for more information on Campaign Structure, Campaign Segments and using Segments to Tailor your Appeals.

Create or use an existing Donation form


  1. Go to Forms
  2. Use an existing donation page, or
  3. Create one by clicking the Add icon

Create donation form, if needed

Every form needs:

  1. A template, Single Page Donation form is the easiest donation template available
  2. An ID
  3. A title, this is displayed at the top of the page

Click the Contribution Tab at the top of the form

We will skip adjusting the other properties of this form and just use the default settings.

Click here for an in-depth video tutorial on using the Form Builder.

Select campaign and edit ask amounts

  1. Select the campaign for this form, each form can have only one campaign
  2. Click Edit to assign a segment and edit the ask amounts

Ask amounts can alse be deleted from the edit menu.

Edit your asks

Every donation ask needs:

  1. A segment
  2. A caption
  3. An input type
  4. An amount

Click here for more information on Input Types.

Select accepted payment methods

Click View Tab to see your donation page


The Thank You page and email can also be customized, but your form is ready to accept donations whether or not those have been personalized.

You are ready to go!

Your campaign and donation form are now ready.

Visit our Support Center for more information on using the Fundraising Tool, PowerMail and Form Builder.

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