Creating Quality Text Versions of PowerMails

Although it is often overlooked, creating a quality text version of your PowerMail Issues is an important step in the process. As the mobile market increases, more people are choosing to view e-mails as plain text on their mobile devices. Other market segments who will view your PowerMail as plain text could include those using dial-up internet and a small group of people who actually prefer to read the text version. Creating a text version isn't that difficult if you follow some simple rules.


1. Import Text from your HTML message.

The Databank has a built-in tool for copying all of the text from your PowerMail into the text version of your message. First click Text to go to the Text page and then click Import the text from your HTML message.


 2. Remove Click-Thru Text

All formatting is stripped away in text only e-mails. One side effect of this is that you want to remove your click-thru tracking as most people have an aversion to being tracked. For example:


would be reduced to ""


 3. Format for Ease of Reading

This part is really a matter of taste. If you are creating a newsletter, a numbered table of contents might be a nice touch. You could then give each article a number. The key is to think of a way to break up the content to allow for a better user experience. White space between groups of content are easy to add and effective. Furthermore, you can add page breaks with underscores or another character such as ###, ***, or ===. Don't go overboard on these effects though, as it may end up looking like spam to a filter. *s can also be used to create bullet points.

Follow these guidelines and you will be creating quality text e-mails without a great deal of effort. Although it is often the last thing you want to do after spending so much time on the HTML version of your message, it is an important step that should not be skipped. Without a great deal of work, this process could also be assigned to someone else in your group.

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