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Find and merge duplicate records by going to Members, then Duplicates.

At the top of the page, search your Databank for potential duplicate records. Search the entire Databank or only current selection. Hover over the name to see more information.

EZ Merge
Choose which record will be the master record with the radio button, and select the checkboxes for the records to merge. Click EZ Merge to merge these records together, deleting the duplicate record(s). If potential duplicates are not the same, click the U to ungroup these records

Manual Merge
A manual merge can be performed at any time. Click the number of the record of the master, for the group. Compare the results side-by-side to manually update. To append or add the data, click the plus sign. To overwrite the data, click the green arrow. Click Save and Merge to add information to master record and delete the duplicate record.

Manually Locating Duplicates
If records are not found with the duplicates tool, enter the same number in the Dup Group field in both records in the Contact Information page. Now these two records will show in the duplicates tool for merging.

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