Setting up Campaign Segment Codes correctly

With The Databank you can associate people with campaign segments in order to customize your fundraising appeals.


1. Create and prioritize your segments

Segmentations of your members can be based on multiple factors. When creating your segments it is important to prioritize your segments as ultimately each member will receive only one appeal. Once you have decided which segments you are going to use, you need to create a segment code for each of these segments.


2. Create your segments within your Campaign


It is important to add a quantity in order to analyze your results.


3. Select your first segment through a search


4. Tag this selection


Tag is found in the Members menu.




If you are unable to tag this group en masse, you can add individual contact notes but this is not recommended.



5. Use this list to send your tailored fundraising appeal and evaluate your results


In this instance we are searching for the keycode in the contact note that we created.


6. Include a keycode in your Reply Device


By doing this, you can make data entry much easier when the mailing is returned. You can also include the member id # to ease the burden of data entry.


7. Analyze your results


This is an example of segmentation based on membership level. The quantity indicates the number of people in each segment and the report automatically calculates a response rate as the transactions are entered.

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