Triggering Renewal Dates with Donations

Your Databank has the ability to trigger automatic updates to a date field when a donation is posted to a Member record.

Types of renewal updates

The automatic updates, or renewal date can take one of three forms:

1. Renewal is based upon date of donation. 

example: Donation made on June 30, 2017 changes renewal date to June 30 2018

2. Renewal date is based upon date of renewal in Member record.

example: Record has June 30, 2017 in record. Donation changes renewal date to June 30, 2018 irregardless of the date of donation

3. Renewal is based upon the greater of the renewal date or donation date.

example: Record has June 30, 2017 as renewal date. Donation will change renewal date to June 30, 2018 if made before June 30, 2017. Otherwise renewal date will be one year from donation

Setting up which of these three options you are using, as well as which date field will be used can only be done by Databank staff. If you would like to enable this setting, please submit a support request.

Once the settings have been adjusted in the backend, you will be able to manage the rest of the process yourself in your Databank through fundraising campaigns and segments. 

Setting Up Renewals in Segments

The renewal is triggered by a donation made to a specific segment which has the renewal period set. To set your segment with a renewal period, you will need to edit the individual segment.

1. Open Fundraising Campaign



2. Create a New Segment, or Edit an existing one

Change the Renewal Period to either One, Two, or Three years.



3. Submit Changes



Once the segment has been set up to trigger renewal updates, anyone making a donation using that segment will have their renewal date updated to match the two conditions described.


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