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Fundraising Campaigns

What Good are Campaigns?
Campaigns and segments are a way of organizing fundraising data. To search for contribution data, go to Search, then Contributions. Select a whole campaign or select the segments within the campaign. Analyze this data by running reports. To run the Campaign Summary Report, go to Fundraising, then Reports, then Campaign Summary. Use this report to see all campaigns and total revenue for the campaigns.

How are Campaigns Structured?
Segments are parts of the campaign, to be used for event sponsors or ticket sales. Below segments in the heirarchy are individual donations, represented in the Databank by a contribution record. The contribution record references the attributed segment and campaign.

Creating Campaigns
To create a campaign, go to Fundraising, then Campaigns. Click the circle with the plus sign to add a new Campaign. Campaign code is required field. Add segments in the New Segment box. Forms can automatically add contributions, or manually add in the Databank.

Advanced Campaign Setup
Campaign Detail Report shows quantity of appeals sent, responses, revenue of each segment, average contribution, percent response, and cost and revenue for each segment. When setting up a Campaign, set the start and end date, total sent, total campsign cost, and campaign type. Specify quantity for each segment.

Editing Campaigns
To edit a campaign, select Fundraising, then Campaign, select the Edit icon, and click on the hyperlinked campaign name. Do not change the campaign code.

To edit a segment, return to campaign and click the Edit icon next to each segment.

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  • Avatar
    Margaret Rousu

    This was very useful, but I'm wondering what happens when you delete a campaign?  Does campaign information remain in the contributions or not?

  • Avatar
    William Naylor

    Hi Margaret - Deleting campaigns is not advised.  The campaign information would remain in the contributions and you would lose access to searches and reports based on that campaign.  If you are hoping to make your list of campaigns more navigable, you can set your campaigns to inactive. To do this, go to the page where you can edit your campaign and change Active to NO.  When a campaign is marked as Inactive, it no longer appears by default when searching or on reports but you can still access it by clicking on 'Inactive Camapaigns'.