Changing payment options and adding captions in donation forms

This tutorial will show you how to use the Form Builder option to change the payment options, add captions, change the campaign and the payment gateway.

Note: This tutorial applies to the Donation Form, the Single Page Donation Form and the Donation with Premium Gifts Form.

Open up the form you wish to edit

Editing forms can be found by going to SETUP > Form Builder > Click Edit of the form


Open the Contribution options

Click Contribution in the form tabs


Edit the copy above your donation options using the HTML editor


Select the campaign for the form using the menu

Each form can only be attached to ONE campaign. Each form can have any number of segments within that campaign.

Click here to learn about creating new Fundraising Campaigns


Select the Payment Gateway and Payment options

  1. Select the Payment Gateway, this is necessary even if you have only one payment gateway
  2. Choose payment methods for this form, all payment options have to be set up with your Payment Gateway
  3. Determine if the two-digit CCV code is needed, this must NOT be checked if you want sustaining donations
  4. Check here if you do NOT want the default cardholder name to be the Member name

Change the Contribution Options

  1. Click the Edit button to edit the Contribution options
  2. Use the green arrows to rearrange the options
  3. Click the green plus icon to add a new Contribution Options

Note: You must click SUBMIT after each change to the Form


Adding and Editing the Contribution Options

For each Contribution Option you can set the following:

  1. Segment of the payment, each segment is part of the Fundraising Campaign of the Form
  2. Enter the caption of the Contribution Option
  3. Determine the input of the Contribution Option - using Caption Only lets you make a text label without having a donation amount
  4. Enter the amount of the payment
  5. Select if the payment is one-time or recurring

Click here for more information on form input types

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