Expired Forms

Expiring a Form

When forms are for special events, campaigns or purposes, it is often useful to only have that form available for a limited period of time.

Using the Form Expires on field, one can designate a time when that form is no longer available to individuals following a link. The timestamp entered into that field can be by the date, or even down to the second.

To customize the message displayed when visiting the expired form, enter your new message in the text field.

Redirecting to another Form or External URL

When a form is expired, rather than displaying the customized message, you can also redirect anyone visiting that form to another one of your active forms or External URL's. This is done by customizing the form expired message to the following:

    redirect to Form ID
redirect to http://(insert URL)

The name of the form can be found by looking at the Form ID in your list of forms.

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