Link a Meeting Registration in Your PowerMail

In this lesson you'll learn how to link to a Meeting in your PowerMail. You will have to have the meeting Published before you make the PowerMail so start by creating the Meeting.

You'll need to be in the HTML in the PowerMail to do this.


Start by going to the HTML tab in your PowerMail.

Select the Meeting from the Form Links drop down menu.


Once your Meeting is Published it will be in the Form Links drop down menu in your PowerMail. Place your cursor where you want the link to appear and select the Meeting that you want to link to from the drop down.

Personalized link to the Meeting!


This creates a personalized link directly to the Meeting! It will also create a clickthru tracking for the link.

Change the link text if you want and make sure to Save!


If you want the link to say something other than the date, time, and name of the meeting you can edit the link text and color. If you find yourself having trouble keeping the link when editing it, try inserting the text or image in the middle of the text and then deleting the extra text that you don't want. Save it and you're done!

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