Using 'View in Browser' link for PowerMail

You can now add a "View in browser" link to a PowerMail by choosing it from the Form Links dropdown. There are two additions to the dropdown: "View in browser" and "View in browser (with index)."


  • You can place the link wherever you like

  • You can have multiple "View in browser" links in the message

  • You can change the link text, font, color, etc. to whatever you like

  • You can change the link text to an image if you like

  • You can add click-thru tracking, to see if people find the link useful

  • You can make a PowerMail issue viewable on the web without having to assign it to a Publication and without having to set any "Publish on Web" options.


1. Place your cursor in your PowerMail where you want the 'View in Browser' link to go.



2. In the Form Links dropdown you will find 'View in Browser'. Click this and it will place the link in your text.



3. View in Browser (with index)...

"View in browser (with index)" is designed to show a series of messages that "belong" to the same Publication. If you choose the "View in browser (with index)" and the mailing is not assigned to a Publication, or there are no other issues published for that Publication, then no index will be shown - it will look the same as "View in browser." In other words, to have an index you still need to assign PowerMail issues to a Publication, and set the "Publish on Web" options on the Publish page.

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