PowerMail on the Web

This feature allows message recipients to open your message in a browser, create an online repository of back issues, and makes sending your issue one step easier.

Click here to learn more about Subscriptions Management. 

The following is a list of the key features of PowerMail on the Web and also explains how to use them. There is a separate article about using the Index feature, which can be used to create the online repository of back issues.

Enable viewing on the Web


All PowerMail issues can now be viewed from a web browser independent of any email program. An issue sent out with this option enabled will automatically have a hyperlink at the top which, when clicked, takes the recipient to the web version of your issue. This option is found on the Publish page of your PowerMail issue (1). To enable viewing, just click the box (2) and click save (3).

If you want to preview your issue on the web or get the URL of your issue to send to someone or link to, just click preview. 

What it looks like in a PowerMail Issue


The recipients of your message can click View in Browser to see a web version of your message. This feature will help people whose email software is interpreting your message incorrectly.

What it looks like on the Web


When going to the web version, constituents will still be tracked for click-thrus and any other analytics normally tracked in the PowerMail system. Information that would appear in a merge field in the email version will not appear on the web version. If you do have merge fields in your PowerMail, you can send the issue first and then go back to the HTML editor and remove them. Whatever is currently saved in the HTML Editor for that issue will appear in the web version.

Easier Sends


If you have selected a publication on the Properties page of your issue, when you go to the Publish page, you will be able to send the issue to all subscribers of the publication. This makes it even easier to send a PowerMail as you no longer have to create the selection first. If you do want to send the issue to a specific selection of people, you have that option as well.

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