Creating and Saving a Multi-Step Search

Creating selections of people for specific tasks, like a mailing, can be tricky... Most people go through a number of steps in order to make their desired selection. To save some time, use the following steps to save all of your common queries!


1. First make a "New Selection" search



For this example, I am trying to select all of the members in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan. Since each of these states* are included in the same field I will need to combine a search for each. I start with a New** search for those just in "MN".

*In your databank, it searches states by their two letter abbreviation.

**If you do not see a Selection Mode option at the top of your search it is the first search you have done in thedatabank during that login instance and thus is the default New Selection.



2. Define your search criteria


1. Choose your Selection Mode

2. Enter your Search Criteria

3. Click Find



3. Refine your search until you have the exact selection you want




4. From the Search menu choose Current then select Save




5. Finalize your search


1. Fill in the "Save this Search as..." section

2. Select Save


Make sure to check the little box so that others can replay your search as well.



This search is now saved and can be run again by selecting the search from among your Saved Searches!



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