Radial Distance Search

A radial distance search feature is now available in the Databank.

How Radial Distance and Mapping can be useful

  • Choosing a central location for an event
  • Selecting a list to invite to a local event or volunteer opportunity
  • Finding people affected by proposed legislation
  • Selecting people in a media market


Getting access to Radial Search

This new feature will be automatically turned on for clients who have a legislative data license as part of their agreement with thedatabank.

Radial distance search requires geographic data in order to produce accurate results. If you do not have a legislative data license, then before requesting this feature, you will first need to have geographic coordinates appended to addresses. This is part of our Geographic Data Append service, and is available as a one-time batch update from the Set up menu in your Databank.

How to use

1. Use the Search Menu to choose Radial Distance

2. Enter your desired data for the fields marked “Within This Many Miles” and “Address, City, State, and/or Zip”

3. Hit find for your results



Map Selected

1. Go to Reports

2. Select View under the Map Contacts option


Once you have your compiled list, you can easily plot each record on a map by going to Map Selected.


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    Michael McMahon

    Thanks!  We've been looking forward to this addition to thedatabank.  We put the radial search to use right away and it's been working well for us.