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Entering Payments (Credit Card & EFT Charges)

Cash and check transactions can be logged directly in the member record.

To enter credit card or EFT charge, click the Credit Card icon at the top right of the Contribution History section. Fill out the new payment form with the required information. Most personal information has been pre-filled.

Scroll to Payment Information heading. To base the contribution off of previous payment information, select "Copy values from Member's previous payment." Select a contriubtion type and payment method. Date will display today's date by default. Select Campaign and Segment. Enter credit card or ACH information. Enter the expiration date without symbols. Enter the name as it appears on the card.

The number of payments field will only be used when setting up a pledge. For a single payment, entering the total amount will prefill the number of payments, amount per payment and payment frequency. For recurring pledges with no end date, select the box for open-ended, and enter the amount per payment and payment frequency. For pledges with an end date, deselect the checkbox, enter the total amount of the pledge, and modify the number of payments, payment frequency and enter a pledge end date.

The gateway reference number is system-generated. Click Submit to save. Payments have not been posted yet. Please view the How to Post Payments video for step-by-step instructions on posting your payments.

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