Dictate Your Answers

About 60% of Databank users are on the Chrome browser.  If you're one of them, you can now dictate answers to Activity Notes, Contribution Notes, Soft Credit Notes, Meeting Notes, and most long text fields in custom tables.  Additionally, you can speak your search request into the Quick Find box.

Speaking your answers can save you a good bit of time.

mic.png You'll see a microphone icon next to prompts that accept dictation.  When you click the microphone it turns red and you can begin speaking.  When you're done speaking, give it a second or two to finish transcribing your speech to text, then either click the microphone again to turn it off, or click into another prompt, which will also turn it off.  It's pretty straightforward!

Tips for Dictating:

Punctuation has to be spoken:
.     Say period.
,     Say comma.
?    Say question mark.
!     Say exclamation mark or exclamation point.
-    Say dash.  In the midst of numbers you get the symbol.  In the midst of words, you get the word.
;     Has to be typed.
:     Has to be typed.

This means you can't get the words "period", "comma", "question mark", "exclamation mark", or "exclamation point" in your notes, because they'll be translated to punctuation marks.  You'll have to tidy up the text by typing, if you want the words.

Mostly, you won't get capitalization unless your sentence begins with a recognized proper noun or the word I.  But if you end a sentence by saying a sentence-ending punctuation mark, and your timing is right, you may get capitalized sentences.

When you say numbers, you get the digits, not the words.  If you want the words, once again you'll have to tidy up your text by typing them in.

Mobile Devices

Most modern mobile devices support dictation regardless of browser.  It's usually a matter of allowing your keyboard to have access to the microphone.  Then a microphone appears on the virtual keyboard, and you can tap it to dictate into any prompt.

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