Dec 13th 2016 - Understanding Calendar Forms

Calendar Forms are a set of defaults that control most aspects of your meeting registration process. This ranges from the list of upcoming events on your website, to which fields are required when signing up, to the email that people receive after they've registered.


Creating a new Calendar Form

Under your Setup menu, select Form Builder. From there, you will be able to click the the "+" icon.


Using the dropdown field, select a type. Then, enter a unique Form ID and Form Title.


Configuring your Calendar

The page that is unique to Calendar Form is aptly named Calendar in the sub navigation menu.

On that page are 5 sections:

Section Intro - Content that will appear at the top of your online calendar.

Search - Configure which attributes, if any, you'll allow your constituents to filter your list of events by.

Calendar Display - Configure what events should be displayed and what information should be displayed for each meeting on your online calendar.

Registration - Configure a few options relevant to the registration process.

Configurable Terms- There are a few words that are displayed on the calendar form which you can change.


Search (on the back end)

This is what Search looks like in your Form Builder.

Search (on the front end)

This is how the search function will appear to your constituents on the online form.

Calendar Display (on the back end)

Calendar Display (on front end)

Sharing/Add to Calendar Options

When enabled under the Registration section of your form builder, the Share and Add to Calendar options will provide several different social media platforms. This allows your members to let their friends and family know they will be attending your event!


Interested in discovering more about your Form Builder? Check out the Manual. You can find it under Help > User Guides > Form Builder.

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