November 1st 2016 - Scheduling PowerMails

Pros (and the 1 Con) of Scheduling your PowerMails

There are two major benefits to scheduling your PowerMails:

Flexibilty - Optimizing your mailing campaigns includes many factors, but timing is an especially important one. Gone are the days when you have to get to the office early to ensure that your email is sent at exactly the right time for it to have the appropriate open rate and CTR. By scheduling your PowerMail, you can have your message being sent to hundreds of readers at 7:00am while you're still sound asleep in bed!

Efficiency - The ability to schedule your PowerMails allows you to create content in bulk. You could write several issues of a regular publication all at once and have them scheduled to be sent months in advance. By managing your publications early in the game, you save your future self loads of time.

In order to schedule a PowerMail you must:

1. Under the Publishing tab, click the Send Later button.

2. Enter the time and date of the send.

3. Select Send to Members.


The one challenge to this feature is that any changes that you make to the message after scheduling will not be reflected in the email that is sent. To make a revision then, you must first unschedule your email and then reschedule it.

To unschedule a PowerMail you must:

1. Click the small clock icon next to the issue you've scheduled.

2. Select Unschedule.

3. Once the pop-up appears, answer OK.

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