February 20th 2017 - Simple Surveys

Get the Feedback you Want

Curious to know what your readers think of your newsletter? Interested in how you can improve your next event? Ask and you shall receive.

By creating a simple survey within your message you can get feedback from your members directly in your inbox.

Here's how:

1. Ask your Question

Drag and drop a text block into your PowerMail. In this space, you can ask a straightforward question like, "How was this email?" or "Did you enjoy your time at (insert your event name here)?"


2. Give them Options

Drag and drop some image blocks into your PowerMail. Your readers will use these pictures to provide you with a response.


3. Create a Link

Click each image and attach a mailto link to both of them :

  1. Use the dropdown to select Send email
  2. Enter your email address in the Mail to field
  3. Provide a subject for the email that will be sent to you
  4. In Body, offer some text to guide your reader's constructive criticism. For this example, I entered, "This email was great. To make it even better I suggest you..."


4. Save and Publish

After you save and send out your PowerMail, your readers can click either image and a new message will pop up encouraging them to share their feedback!

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