Ask Your Donors To Donate Credit Card Processing Fees

Asking your supporters to cover processing fees on their credit card donations ensures you receive the full amount they intended to contribute, in effect giving your fundraising, and your mission, a little boost.

It's simple to make this ask in your Databank's donation forms.  Go to the Contribution tab of your form, scroll down to the Credit Card Options section, and check the box for "Fees":


That's it!  Note the amount of additional donation in the ask will be 3% plus $0.30, which is slightly higher than most gateways would charge, but don't forget most gateways also have monthly fees, and your own organization also has some time invested in the processing.

Choosing to cover the fees is also easy for your donors.  It's just checking a box, as in the following example for a $25 donation:



For recurring donations it's only slightly different, as in the following example for a $10 monthly contribution:



If the donor agrees to cover the fees, it will be reflected in their cart.  This first example shows the cart for the $25 donation:



And this example shows the cart for the $10 monthly contribution:



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