October 17th 2016 - Creating a Call List


A simple phone call can go a long way. Whether welcoming a new member to your organization or thanking a long time member for a recent contribution, your donors are sure to appreciate the personal touch of you picking up the phone and giving them a quick ring.

Using your Databank, you can easily create a call list to boost donor retention and acquire more funds. Here's how:


1. Search for the members you want included in the report.

First, you must search for the members you want included in the report. For this example, I want to call all the members in Minneapolis and Saint Paul.


2. Select Member Roster

Use the Members menu to find Member Roster under Reports.


3. Customize

Give it a title and check the boxes for the data you'd like included in your report.



4. Choose your formatting

1. Choose how you'd like to sort the names

2. Decide if there's any members you'd like left out

3. Select the whether you want to view the report on your screen or download it


Downloading your report

If you choose to download, you will see a progress bar indicating how long the process will take.


From here, you can print this report and hand it out to your volunteers so that they can use it as a call list. Happy fundraising!

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