October 17th 2016 - Giving Reports


Nothing is scarier than losing a long time donor. Yet,  despite all the work your organization has done to retain its members, folks still sometimes slip through the cracks.

Luckily, by utilizing the special reports within your Databank, you can quickly identify which individuals you need to reconnect with...before it's too late!


LYBNT Report

This one-click report finds every donor who gave last year but has not yet given this year. You can access this info in FUNDRAISING > REPORTS > DONOR

Note: The Lapsed Donor report gives you the same results, but is configurable for any time frame.

Dormant Member Report

With this helpful tool, discover exactly which of your donors you need to re-engage. The Dormant Member Report let's you choose the amount of time since the last donation and the number of months they have gone without opening an email.  Access this info in MEMBERS > REPORTS > DONORS.


It's common knowledge that it's more cost effective to retain donors than acquire new ones. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure; use these aformentioned reports to deepen your relationship with current members before you lose them forever!

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