Creating and Deleting New Meetings

Creating a New Meeting


Go to Meetings > Add Meeting

1. Enter the name, date, and time for your event.

2. Use the WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor to insert images and hyperlinks to the description.

Please note you can select No fixed meeting date if you don't have a date for a designated meeting/event.


You can set the Registration to three different options:

None means that the meeting will show on your calendar but won't have any registration component for people. You can still register people while logged into your Databank through their record.

Public adds a registration form to the meeting detail on your calendar and anyone visiting your calendar can sign up.

Private means that the meeting will show on your calendar but it won't display a registration form. You will be able to email a private link to people to have them register.

1. Set Status

Published places the meeting on your calendar form.
Unpublished will not submit your meeting to the calendar form.

2. Set the Meeting Type and Activity

If you want to add a new type just enter it in the blank field. If you have multiple calendars for your Organization you can use the Meeting Type to determine which meetings to show on which calendar.

3. Set the amount of Attendees

If your meeting will have a maximum size enter that in the Max. Attendees field.

You can also set the maximum amount a single member can register in the Max. Per Member field.

Enter a BCC Email so you can know when people register for your meeting.

Enter a location name and the details of the location. If you've already entered the information before for a different meeting you can select it from the drop down menu.

Click Submit at the bottom right of the page to finish.

Click Delete the at the bottom left to remove this event from your Databank.

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