Creating and Editing Meeting Payments

Click the Payments tab of your meeting.


Choose a campaign in the Meeting Payment Properties.


Click the plus icon to create a new payment option.


Segment Code - Select which Fundraising segment the money will go to.

Qty - This number determines how many spaces will be reserved for the person that chooses this option. For example, if I was selling a table at my event, I could enter 8 as the quantity to ensure I was accounting for the number of actual attendees. When Dropdown: Qty is used as an input type, the number chosen by your constituent will determine the amount of seats reserved.

Amount - Enter the amount that should be charged per item. If you were selling a table of 8, you would enter the total price of the table divided by 8.

Shipping/Handling - If the tickets or items will need to be shipped, you can specify a shipping and handling charge to be applied.


You can create as many payment options as you want!

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