Making the Most out of Subscription Management

Subscriptions Management empowers your constituents to decide which of your publications they are going to subscribe to. This may seem like a bad thing, naturally you want them subscribed to everything. On the flip side though, this means that when they unsubscribe to your mailing list, they aren't unsubscribing to to all of your electronic mailings. For clients new to Subscriptions Management, enabling this feature will not result in restricting you in any way. It is an extra feature on top of what already exists for you.

The main component of Subscriptions Management is the Publication Setup page, but this feature filters into searches, your online forms and makes it easier to publish your electronic mailings.

Advocacy clients take note: When new activists complete an action, they will automatically be subscribed to a publication of your choice. The default publication is called Action Alerts, but you can change this on the set up page. In these examples, the default Advocacy publication has been renamed to Environmental News. 

Publication Set Up Page


The Publication Set Up page is the main place where you can manage your different publications. From this page you have sophisticated controls over where your publication sign ups appear, the names of your publications and deleting publications.

In this page you also determine if a publication is Public or Private.
Public Publications:
Individuals can opt in and opt out of your Public publications. You can determine which forms your Public Publications are listed on.
Private Publications:
Only someone logged into your Databank can subscribe individuals to a private publication. Individuals always have the ability to opt-out of a private publication they are subscribed to.

Find out how to create a new publication.
Read about adding publications to your forms.
Learn about the difference between Public and Private publications.

Modify the subscriptions of individual member records


Every member record has a Subscriptions tab. This data in this view will show you which publications an individual member is subscribed to. Subscriptions for individual records can be added or deleted by checking or unchecking the box alongside each publication and then clicking submit. Subscribing and unsubscribing can also be done to multiple records at once.

Learn about subscribing and unsubscribing multiple member records at once.

Also, in compliance with our Anti-Spam Policy, all members have the option to opt-out of any publications. Using search queries you can find out who unsubscribed from your publications and when.

Read more about finding publication unsubscribes using contact histories and search queries.

Search for people subscribed to a publication


Using a search query, you can easily search for individuals subscribed to a particular publication.

Send to Subscribers without having to search


When a sending a PowerMail issue, you can select the publication which this PowerMail is a part of. This allows you to send your PowerMail to everyone subscribed to that publication without having a member selection, and it allows you to create a web index. In accordance with thedatabank's Anti-Spam Policy, if someone has unsubscribed from all emails, they will not receive

Click here for more information on creating a Web Index.

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