Adding Publications to your Forms

By empowering your constituents to decide which publications they want to receive from you, they are more likely to remain engaged with your organization. Here is how to provide them the choice on your forms.

Note: You must add all of your Public publications to your Subscription preferences form. If your subscribers are unable to find the publication they wish to opt out of on their subscription preferences, they will probably unsubscribe from ALL emails from your organization and you will be unable to electronically communicate with them at all.

Publications are added to your forms in one of two ways:


1. Publication Setup page

Click the Forms link next to the desired publication.


Check the box of the form you want the publication to appear as an option.

In order for your forms to appear on this list, the ALLOW SUBSCRIPTIONS box must be checked on the form (see below).

The subscribe form is a system generated form in all Databanks. It is the form constituents see when they click the UNSUBSCRIBE link at the bottom of outgoing PowerMails. You must add all of your Public publications to the Subscribe Form in order to allow your constituents to choose their subscription preferences. An individual attempting to unsubscribe from a publication not listed here will most likely unsubscribe from ALL emails from your organization.


2. Through the individual form in Form Builder

In the relevant form, click the Personal tab to access subscription preferences.


In this section you can change the verbiage of the subscribe and unsubscribe prompts, the location of the prompts and the number of columns for subscriptions.

Note: the text in the subscription boxes uses basic HTML for formatting. Justification, italics, bolds and line breaks can all be entered using simple HTML text elements.


Choose the publications you want avaiable on this form.

If you decide to Auto-Subscribe your members, best practice suggests you inform that they will be receiving this publication from you at some point while filling out the form.

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