Where is the Form Builder Link Code

Q:I need to know how to create the link code for the form and then publish it to my page. How do I do this?

A: I'm not sure if you would like the code to create a link to one of your pages or embed the form in a page so I'll give you directions for both.

To create the code to put a link on your page, you'll first need to get the address of the page. To do that go to Setup>Form Builder in the menu. Clicking on any of the form id links will take you to the address of that page.

You can then use that in a link e.g. <a href="your page address" >Whatever you want the link text to be</a>

To find the embed code click the Edit icon next to any of your forms in Form Builder. This should take you to the Properties page of that form. On that page click the arrow next to 'Put this code in your iframe Host Page'. You can then copy and paste that into the page on your website.

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