Sending an Action Alert with PowerMail

With Advocacy powered by The Soft Edge, you will have the flexibility to use PowerMail to send out targeted Action Alerts. Here are a few benefits in using Powermail for Action Alerts:

  • The ability to customize each message with full html images, banners, texts and links
  • A history of all the Action Alerts you have sent with results
  • The ability to track and engage with your most active members
  • Quickly insert the Take Action link using the Forms Link dropdown

Create the Action using Advocacy powered by the Soft Edge


Create a PowerMail issue to send to your activists


Link the PowerMail issue to your Action campaign


Your Advocacy Action must be published in order for it to show up as a campaign.

Once an Advocacy campaign has been assigned to your PowerMail, you can use the PowerMail Action Summary to gain insight into the actions taken by your activists.

Click here for more information on the PowerMail Action Summary.

Send the PowerMail issue to your selected recepients

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