Anatomy of the Contact Screen

This lesson shows and explains the different parts of the main contact screen, the History view. The contact History screen is the default view you see when clicking a contact's name to view their record. This screen gives you a quick snapshot of your contact's personal information, preferences, activitiy with your organization and contribution history.

The Contact Screen

The History screen is broken down into three areas.

  1. Contact History
  2. Activity History
  3. Contribution History

1. Contact History

The Contact History gives you a snapshot of your Contact's preferences and personal information. The data in this top panel is visible whenever you are looking at a contact record.

  1. Data Table: the Data Table selector let's you choose which table you are looking at. The data below the snapshot will change depending upon the table you are viewing, but the snapshot pane is always visible.
  2. Personal Information: Your contact's information is visible in this pane. The data fields in this panel are the same for every Databank, meaning it is not customizable, and the field is only displayed if data is in the field.
  3. Advanced Relationships: Any Advanced Relationships this contact record has with another record is displayed in this pane. Advanced Relationships are only available in Databank Fundraising and Databank Advocacy.
  4. Address and Districts: The name of your contact's company, their address and their legislative information is displayed in this pane.
  5. Custom Fields: This pane displays the results of your customizable user fields, as well as when the record was created, who created it, and when it was last modified. Custom fields are only displayed if their is data in the field.

Click here to find out more about using Advanced Relationships.


2. Activity History


This panel displays the Activity History of your contact.
From here a number of options are available.

  1. Edit Activity History: Edit the different fields for a previously enterd contact record
  2. Filter Activity History: Display only the activities which match your criteria
  3. Add Activityt: Add a new activity record to your contact's record

3. Contribution History

The Contribution History gives you a snapshot of your contact's financial history with your organization.
Using this panel, you can get a quick overview of your contact's transactions.

  1. Pledge History: The Pledge History shows you any pledges the contact has made and the status of the pledge. From this panel you can also edit and add new pledges.
  2. Contribution History: The Contribution History panel shows past contributions, contributions from other contact's which have been "householded" with this contact record, as well as any soft credits this contact has generated for another record. From this panel you can also edit a contribution as well as add a new contribution or payment.
  3. Soft Credit History: This panel displays any soft credits this contact has earned.

Click here to find out more about creating and editing pledges.
Click here to find out more about housholding members.
Click here to find out more about soft credits.

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