BCC Messages to Activity Records

Your personal email is a great way for you to communicate one-on-one with major donors, volunteers, staff, etc.  It's personal yet unobtrusive - that's what made email the first so-called "killer app."

Meanwhile, your CRM is intended to give you a complete look at your interactions with your contacts.  But if some of your contact communications are locked into private email accounts, the CRM can't show you the complete picture.

One way around that would be to copy/paste your email messages into activity records in your Databank.  But that's painful and tedious, and requires that you're always logged into your Databank.  An automated solution that automatically writes your messages to the contact's Activity History is much more desirable.

Send in a Support Request asking us to Enable BCC Activities for your organization.  When you BCC your personal emails to the special email address we'll provide, the email message will also be "delivered" to an activity record in the recipient's Activity History in your Databank, provided the recipient is a contact in your Databank.

Up to the first 2,000 characters of your subject + email message are saved.  Attachments are not saved.  These activities will have activity type BCC, making them easy to spot and making it easy to search for the personal email interactions you've had with your contacts.

To enable this feature in your Databank, please request it via Help → Support Request on your Databank menu.  Ask us to Enable BCC Activities in your Databank.  Upon receiving your request, we'll set up a "smart mailbox" on our mail server for your client account.  If you have multiple organizations, we'll also set up a smart mailbox for each of your organizations.  We'll respond to the ticket with the email address(es) you should use.

*** There is no setup charge or ongoing cost for this feature.  It's standard functionality available to all clients, upon request. ***

Once you have the email address, simply BCC your personal email messages to that address Technically, you don't have to BCC it - you could put it in the To address or CC address - but these are awkward looking addresses, and you most likely won't want your contact to see that your message is going somewhere else besides to them. They might question that, so it's best to BCC to the address we'll provide.

In the example below, "Make your change meaningful to Our Non Profit!" was the subject of a personal email message sent from an email program such as Outlook, Gmail, Mac mail, etc.  The message was sent to the email address of a contact in the Our Non Profit Databank, and was BCC'd to Our Non Profit's special email address so that it could be recorded in that person's Activity History.  The rest of the activity note was the email message.


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