Send Meeting Reminder

When you are hosting meetings/events you want to be able to send meeting reminders that your event is happening. You can accomplish this by using your meetings tool, just follow the following steps:


1. Go to your meeting list

2. Check off the meeting you wish to send the reminder to

3. Click on the Send Reminders button



1. Select the reminder type you wish to send. I selected the Attendee Reminder

2. Click Continue



You can now edit the information pertaining to the meeting reminder. Keep in mind that the meeting tool has only one reminder template. If you save the reminder you are saving the reminder template and overriding any existing formats. However, if you send without saving those changes are not saved for the next time that you are using the reminder tool.

Subject: This is what your recipient will see as the subject line of the email reminder they receive

Sender Name: You can modify the sender depending who is hosting the meeting

Sender Email Address: Email address has to be from your organization's domain and it's an active email where recipients can reply to

Reminder Body: Enter any pertinent information related to the meeting. You can use the merge tags to include information of the meeting



In the same page you will decide to whom you wish to send this reminder to. Once you are ready click Send.



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