Customizing display properties on mobile devices

The Drag and Drop editor gives you two options for customizing the display on mobile devices.

1. Hide on mobile

2. Do not stack on mobile


Hide on Mobile

The Hide on Mobile feature lets you choose specific content blocks in your email and decide whether or not to show them on mobile devices. While the editor already makes your emails responsive and display great on mobile devices, there are many times when a design consideration will lead you to want to hide an element.

For instance, the following image leads off with a striking image and creates a great first impression when viewed on a desktop.


But when we see the same email on a mobile device, the image fills the majority of the screen and the content of the email becomes hidden.


By turning off the image on mobile devices, readers will immediately see the content of the email!


To use this feature, click the content you wish to hide on mobile and select the Hide on mobile toggle at the bottom of the content menu.



Do Not Stack on Mobile

Another feature is to keep the content elements in a row from automatically stacking when viewed on a mobile device.

In this example the row is set to stack on mobile devices.


And in the same example, the stacking behavior has been disabled on mobile devices and the email is displayed the same way it was designed.


To use this feature, click on the row that you do not want stacked and select the Do not stack on mobile option. Remember, the content elements in the row are the pieces which get stacked.


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