Using Special Links and Merge Fields in PowerMail

Create personalized messages and links in your PowerMail issues using Merge Fields and Special Links. Both of these tools allow your outgoing message to access your Databank member records and personalize both the text of your email as well as the links to Databank forms and Advocacy actions.

What are Merge Fields?

Merge Fields are commonly used in bulk emails to personalize the outgoing message. The most common merge field used is first name, but can also include last name, most recent contribution and more. Wherever the merge field is located in your PowerMail issue, that field will be replaced by the corresponding information from your member's Databank record.


Using Merge Fields

1. Click where you want to insert the merge field

2. Use the Merge tags option to select the appropriate merge field

The corresponding information will now be inserted in that location (e.g. first name will be inserted into the [FNAME] merge field)

Note: If there is no first name associated with the email receiving your PowerMail, the merge field will insert Friend.


What are Special Links?

Similar to the way that Merge Fields pull from your Databank records to create personalized PowerMails, Special Links access your Databank to create personalized links in your forms. When a member clicks a link which has been inserted using the Special Links tool, the form will now include all the relevant information from your Databank, such as their name, address, email, and more.


Using Special Links

  1. Click where you want to insert the link
  2. Use the Special Link menu to select the appropriate form

Afterwards, move your cursor to the text to edit the link verbiage.

Note: Form links from Advocacy Actions can be either text or an Act Now button


Using a Special Link with an image

1. Click an image

2. On the right-hand side of your editor, select Special links.

3. Use the pop-up window to assign a special link to the picture.

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