Drag and Drop Editor

Your new Drag-and-Drop editor makes it easy and quick to create a great-looking email message that can be used to send a monthly newsletter, spread an important message, promote a fundraising event, etc.

Among its benefits:

  • It's free to use within your Databank: you don't even need to create an account of any kind.
  • It features a drag-and-drop interface that enables anyone to create a beautiful email message.
  • It creates emails that adapt automatically to small screens, such as that of a smartphone.
  • Like the old editor, you can still preview and test your email so you can make certain that your message looks just the way you want it.


Building an Email

When creating a new PowerMail issue, it's helpful to plan your design out beforehand. Drag and drop the stucture blocks on the right-hand side of your editor to create an outline for your message.


After creating the skeleton of your email, you can drag and drop text, buttons, and images into your message using content blocks.

Mobile Viewing

Your Drag and Drop editor is especially good at creating responsive emails. This means that the email will change its structure based on the screen in which it's viewed so your message looks great on a giant desktop and a tiny cellphone.

For example, this is what your email might look like on a typical desktop computer. The content you created has enough room on the viwer's screen to lay horizontally.

However, on a mobile device, like in the image below, your email does not have enough room to lay flat. But don't worry; your Drag and Drop editor will rearrange itself to fit within a phone screen without changing the size of your images and text.

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