Understanding the PowerMail Action Summary

By associating an outgoing PowerMail alert with an Advocacy campaign, you can gain detailed insight into the messages which resonated with your activists and the actions they took.

Associate your outgoing PowerMail message with an Advocacy campaign

For more information about assigning an advocacy campaign to a PowerMail, click here.

Find the report in your Advocacy menu


Advocacy > Reports > PowerMail Action Summary

Understanding the different columns in the PowerMail Action Summary


The report can be organized by column by clicking the column header. Some of the columns are fairly straightforward, some require a little more explanation.

  1. Action Title: the name of the Advocacy action
  2. # of Emails sent: total number of emails sent
  3. # of Opens: total number of opens
  4. % Open: the percentage of sent emails which were opened
  5. # of Clicks in Message: the total number of clickthroughs
  6. % Click: the percentage of clickthroughs out of all emails sent
  7. Total # of Action Takers: the number of individuals who took action
  8. % Conversion: the percentage of activist who took action out of all opens
  9. % Actions Taken: the percentage of activists who took action out of all emails sent

Note: Actions from an email source or a social media share are not differentiated. The percentages in 8 and 9 may include actions and activists from non-PowerMail sources.

The individuals who took action can be turned into your current member selection by clicking Select Members

This report can be dowlnoaded as a text or csv file


Links for report download are on the bottom of the page

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