Understanding the Advocacy Active Members Report

The Advocacy Active Members report let's you see who your most active Activists are.

This report uses the sendtorep contact note to determine who is the most active. This means it is a report on the number of unique actions taken by your activists. A single Action Alert may include multiple actions within it, such as sending a message to multiple recipients, and each message sent would count as a unique action.

Find the report in your Advocacy menu


Advocacy > Reports > Advocacy Active Members

Select the date range and minimum number of actions per Member


Note: this report can also be downloaded as a tab-delineated file

By default, the report is organized by number of actions taken

The report can be reorganized by any of the individual columns by clicking the column header.

Column explanations


  • CD: Congressional District
  • SD: Senate District
  • HD: House District

This report can be downloaded as a file or made into the current selection


The links are on the bottom of the page

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