Tracking Votes

Use thedatabank Advocacy to track votes and display them on your site.

Search for Bill


  1. Click Votes on the left-hand menu
  2. Select appropriate legislative body, if applicable
  3. Click Add a Vote

Enter appropriate bill information


Click Save to add vote to your site


  1. Display bill status
  2. Short title, or common name
  3. Public appears on your site, provated does not
  4. Enter prefferd vote if applicable
  5. Add public comments to vote

Votes appear in backend dependant upon legislative body selected


State votes are listed only when the state is selected in the pull down menu, same for federal votes.
Make sure section is ON to have hte results appear on your site

All votes appear on your site


Federal votes automatically are listed at the tob of your Votes tab, state votes are below.

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