Adding a Bill

This tool allows you to setup and display legislation of interest in your advocacy site. You can add comments and indicate your position on the bill. You can also view recent changes to a bill in your list. Bills are dynamic and updated in your system nightly.

1. Click on Bills when you are logged into your Advocacy Tool


This is listed under the left-hand menu under Sections


2. Select Federal or State


3. Add a Bill



4. Add Bill properties


1. Enter in the Type, Number, Congress (113th).

2. Give it a short title (this will be displayed on your action site.)

3. Public set to “Yes” to display it on your Action Site. Set Position.

4. Click Save


5. Add Advanced Options (optional)


1. Click on Advanced Options

2. Select a Category (If you need to setup a Category 

3. Add Comments

4. Click Save


Click here for instructions on setting up a new Bill category.

6. Now your Bill is added to your Advocacy Site


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