Scheduling a PowerMail Issue

By scheduling your PowerMail, you can have it go out exactly when you want and not just when you have time to send it.


In order to schedule a PowerMail you must:

1. Under the Publishing tab, click the Send Later button.

2. Enter the time and date of the send. In order to remain compliant with the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003, PowerMail issues cannot be scheduled more than 10 days in advance.

3. Select Send to Members. From there, the PowerMail issue is saved and queued up on thedatabank server.



Because the PowerMail issue is already at the server, this means any changes  you make to the message after scheduling will not be reflected in the email that is sent. To make a revision then, you must first unschedule your email and then reschedule it.

To unschedule a PowerMail you must:

1. Click the small clock icon next to the issue you've scheduled.

2. Select Unschedule.

3. Once the pop-up appears, answer OK.

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