Mail Merge with a Selection

If you'd like to send a personalized letter to a specific group of members, then do the following:


1. Fill out the fields required to select your group of recipients.

2. Click Find.



1. From the Communication drop-down , select Mail Merge.

2. Create a new letter or select one that you've already made.


1. Click Finish & Merge and fill out your desired number of records (no more than 500 at a time).

2. Click Save to remember settings for future use when invoking Mail Merge from within a member's record. Click Save and Merge to immediately generate letters based on your current member selection.


Print out your finalized list of letters.

Note: when you merge letters, a new browser tab will open showing the merged letters separated by lines.  When you print the letters, each one will start on a new page, and the lines separating them will not be printed.

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