Types of Forms

With such a wide variety of form types,  it can be easy to get overwhelmed. To help you get started, here is a short list of some different options available to you in your form builder!

Getting Started

To create a new form:

1. Hover over the Setup menu and select Form Builder

2. Click the "+" icon

3. Select the type of form you'd like to create from the dropdown




A donation form is used to acquire funds. There is some customization available in how the form is displayed.


Simple Single Page Donation

1. In this type of form, the "simple" is in reference to the size of the donation buttons. Their large and straightforward design makes it easier for those using a touchscreen device to give money to your organization. A "simple" form also means that you can only use one fundraising segment.

If you were to create a "non-simple" donation form, you would use radial buttons rather than the large rectangular ones. You would also have the option to assign several fundraising segments to the form instead of just one.

2. This form is a "single" type because your donors can select how much they'd like to give, enter their payment information, and submit their transaction all on one single page.

If you were to use a form that is not identified as "single," than each section of your form would be on a different page. This might be beneficial, for example, if you are asking for a lot of information in the form. Separate pages for each section will make your form look much cleaner.



Gift Premiums

This type of form will allow you to offer a gift in return for a member's contribution.




Signup forms can be used to collect signatures or to agree for more communication between them and your organization.



The Meetings and Events form allows you to organize any gatherings your group may be planning. Different calendars can be created for different types of meetings.



Custom Table

Custom forms can be made to gather specific data that your organization requires . The image above shows an example of a custom table used to collect the interests of an organization's volunteers.

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