Identify less Engaged Contacts with the Dormant Contact Report

The Dormant Contact Report is a simple tool which you can use to identify contact records with lower levels of engagement.

For the purposes of this report, a "dormant" contact is defined as a contact record which has not contributed recently and has not opened an email sent using PowerMail. By changing the values in the query fields, you can selectively determine what criteria you wish to use to define dormant.

It is important to note that this report only looks at contributions and email opens. It does not take into account other meaningful forms of engagement such as attending events, volunteering or completing Advocacy actions.

A. Open the Dormant Contact Report


The report can be found in Reports > Dormant Contacts


B. Determine the criteria for engagement


The Dormant Contact Report generates results by querying your member records based on four criteria.

  1. Total Contributions
  2. Months Since Last Contribution
  3. Number of months without opening email
  4. Number of emails received without opening

1. Their total contributions are less than

Enter the total amount of contributions in this contact's records. If you want to see only contact records which have never contributed, enter a 1 in this field. The default value is $50.


2. Months since their last contribution

How long has it been since this contact contributed? The default setting is five years, or 60 months.


3. Number of months of emails to consider

This field determines how many months of emails to consider when looking at email opens. A contact record will be displayed in the results if they have not opened an email in this many months. The default setting is one year, or 12 months.


4. Minimum number of emails sent to them in these months

This setting determines the minimum number of emails sent in order for someone to be classified as Dormant. It prevents someone from being identified as not opening emails if they haven't received enough communications to be considered un-engaged. The default setting for this is 20, meaning that the contact has received at least 20 emails in the number of months considered in option 3.


If a contact meets all four of the above criteria, they are considered dormant.

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