Bookmarking within a PowerMail

Here's how to link to a bookmark within the PowerMail to make it easy for people to go directly to the article of interest to them.


1. Go to the HTML editor.


Start by selecting the HTML tab in the PowerMail.


2. Select the Bookmark icon (it looks like a flag).


When you select the bookmark icon, be sure that your cursor is where you want the bookmark to be.


3. Give the Bookmark a name.


Give the Bookmark a name so that when you link to it you know which one to choose.


4. Place other Bookmarks if you want.


You can add as many Bookmarks in your PowerMail as you want.


5. Link some text to the Bookmark.


(1) Highlight the text that you want linked to the Bookmark.

(2) Click the Link button (the globe with a chain).

(3) Switch the 'Link To' from 'a web site' to 'a bookmark in this email'.

(4) Select the Bookmark from the dropdown menu (it will have all the Bookmarks you created in this PowerMail).

(5) Click OK and now your text is linked to the Bookmark.


6. This is what it looks like in the HTML Editor once you have them linked.


Now when people click on the links in the list of what's in this issue it will bring them to that section of the PowerMail.

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