Adding File Attachments to your Forms

Use the Form Builder to let your members attach files to their member record.

In order to allow your members to attach files to their records, you must have file attachments enabled.
File attachments only work in a custom data table.
To enable file attachments in your custom data table, please submit a Support request.

Click here for an introductory tutorial if you are new to the Form Builder.

Create a custom form in Form Builder


The name of your custom data table is the form type.

Choose the table for your uploads


  1. Click Custom Table
  2. Select the custom table to which you want to link the file
  3. Click submit

For more information on Custom Table Forms, click here.

Add or edit the field for the file attachment


Your field and input must both be set to File.

The Attach File button is now available on your form


Your members can upload a file from their computer, a URL or an online service


The file is attached to the member record in your Databank


Note: Please use caution with uploaded files!
Scan all uploaded files for viruses and malware before opening them on your computer.
Thedatabank is not responsible for the content of these files.

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