Integrating Google Analytics With Your Databank Forms

You may already be using Google Analytics to track the pageviews and general dynamics of your website, but you can also use your account to track statistics from your online forms hosted by thedatabank.
You will need a Google Analytics account set up prior to using this tutorial. If you would like more information about Analytics, you can visit Google's page here:


1. Go to your Analytics Account Overview Page by clicking on 'Admin'



2. The 'PROPERTY' section is where you setup your websites for tracking


You can 'Create new property' to separate the data of individual pages. I have created a separate 'Property' for 'donateform'


3. Click on (1) 'Tracking Info' then (2) 'Tracking Code' will take you to the code you need on your form



4. Copy the code below 'This is your tracking code.....'



5. Send the code to us in a Support Request and we'll put it in your form template!



6. Within 24 hours you will start seeing data come in on the 'Reporting' section of Google Analytics


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  • Avatar
    Vince Outlaw

    Wouldn't you want to also put the tracking code on the "Thank You" page to complete the Conversion path and to understand if there were potential donors who couldn't make it past the contribution form? 

  • Avatar
    Marcos Lopez-Carlson

    Hi Vince,

    Sorry for the delayed response to your question. By having the code in the template it tracks the full cycle of using a form.
    To track how many people are completing the process, you will want to set up the URL of the Thank You page as your conversion goal.