Understanding cookies and why they are used in Advocacy powered by SoftEdge

This is a brief description of cookies and why they are used in our Advocacy software.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a little snippet of text that is used to store a tiny amount of data about the user while they are using a website. It is not a program, a virus, or anything like that. It is just a tiny little piece of text with information associated.

How does Soft Edge Advocacy use cookies?

Once a form has been filled out on the Soft Edge advocacy page, a cookie is used to do a few things.

  1. Tell the server your address so that the correct legislator is set as the recipient of the action.
  2. Auto-populate the action with user entered information (name, address, title, etc.)

Do I need to have cookies enabled to use Advocacy powered by Soft Edge?

Yes. You can set your browser to eliminate cookies after each session when you close the browser.


Are cookies dangerous?

No. While cookies are sometimes used by marketers for less than ideal purposes, cookies themselves pose no threat to your computer.

Are cookies delicious?


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