Using the Sign Up form in the Soft Edge Advocacy

While the Soft Edge Advocacy tool has a built in sign up form, we reccomend that you use the forms from your Form Builder to ensure that all information collected is properly mapped into your databank.

Create a New Sign Up Form


  1. Select Sign Up Forms
  2. Click Add New
  3. If you want to use Sign Up Forms on your CongressWeb site, click YES.

Set Up Form


  1. Name form.
  2. Select form template.
  3. If you don't have a template, click to make one.

Use Drag-and-Drop Template Builder


Drag and position boxes on your form.
Click Save and Close when done.

Choose template

Determine expiration date of form and maximum sign ups allowed

Write follow up email

This email is sent after receiving a submission via your SoftEdge sign up form

Map data into your databank


Choose corresponding fields to map your data.

Note: Custom fields cannot be mapped from the Soft Edge sign up form into your databank.

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