How to integrate your Databank with Callhub

Getting data into Callhub

Create Callhub account

A new account can be created by going to callhub.io.

You will be asked to enter a phone number for validation. New phone numbers can be added once your account is created.

Once your phone number is validated you will receive a confirmation email with a secure link. After clicking the link you will be prompted to create a password. Once your password is set your account will be active.

Acquire Databank API credentials

This integration is based upon our new OSDI (Open Supporter Data Interface) API. To access your API key you will need to get that from your Databank Partner Credentials.

To access the Partner Credentials go to SETUP > Partner Credentials.
Click the Edit box.

If you do not have Partner Credentials for Databank OSDI, please follow this link to send an email asking for Databank OSDI credentials.


Please copy the Client ID and Client Secret


Adding the Databank OSDI credentials to Callhub

Log in to your Callhub account.

Click on the Integrations button in the menu.


Find the OSDI listing and click Connect to OSDI System.


Enter in your credentials as follows:

OSDI System Name: Databank

OSDI API Key: the client secret copied from your Databank Partner Credentials

OSDI API Entry Point: https://osdi.thedatabank.com/v1

Select View And Import Lists

Import Lists from Databank

Callhub uses your Publications to manage calling and messaging lists.

Once you have synchronized your lists you will be able to select any of your Private or Public publications for messaging using Callhub.

For information on managing Publications in your Databank, please review the following support article.
Making the most out of Subscription management

To learn more about using Callhub, please visit their How-To page.
How to use Callhub


Getting the data back into your Databank

Acquire your Callhub API Key

Go to your Callhub Settings

Click API Key to get your key

Send the API key to Databank Support using clientsupport@thedatabank.com


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