Understanding System Activity Values

When looking at the activity records in your Databank, you may happen upon a record with a code that you don't quite understand.  Although we can't explain what your co-workers may be up to, there are some system generated databank codes which you may not immediately know the use of.   Not all of these codes will be in your databank and there may be a few in your databank that aren't on this list, but the following should cover most of them.  On a related note:  if you have too many user added contact types, you can whittle the list down by merging types together.  The following instructions are for the Activity By field but work exactly the same for Activity Type

action alert - Received an Action Alert
bouncecheck - An old system system contact type that hasn’t been used since 2003, but is kept in the list for old clients
change profile - advocacy activist changes profile (contact) information
chngsub - Changed their Subscription Preference on the subscription form
clickthru - Clicked on one of your links in an Action Alert or PowerMail
COMPLAINT - Member marked email as Spam
CR - Soft Bounce
ems-auto - was sent a PowerMail
GB - Soft Bounce
HB - Hard Bounce
MB - Soft Bounce
MBAD - Soft Bounce
mbks - Soft Bounce
mbrd - Soft Bounce
MBSD - Soft Bounce
ncoa update - A national change of address update was run by one of our staff
open - A PowerMail or Action Alert was opened by the member
reply - Hard Bounce w/ a reply
resubscribe - Member unsubscribes, then changes their mind. Shouldn’t have (m)any new ones since the date you enabled Subscriptions
SB - Soft Bounce
SBDF - Soft Bounce
SBMF - Soft Bounce
sbms - Soft Bounce
sendtorep - Sent a message to a representative from an action alert
Sign up - probably came from a signup form (online form)
signin - Signed in to your Action Site using the log in box
subscribeprefs - Changed their subscription preferences using the subscription form
TB - Soft Bounce
td - Soft Bounce
tellafriend - Used the tell a friend link to forward a message
UNSUB - Unsubscribed to a specific publication
unsubscribe - Member unsubscribes. Shouldn’t have (m)any new ones since the date you enabled Subscriptions
update profile - Updated their profile on your Action Alert site
webform - Filled out one of your online forms with contact type set to webform

This last activity is an example of a activity type entered when we set up any of your online forms.  If you would like to know what your forms are filling in for activity values, please send a Support Request and we will get back to you with a list of your current activity settings.

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