Using A/B Testing in PowerMail

Use thedatabank's PowerMail to perform A/B analysis on your outgoing emails
Click here for more information on what is A/B testing and how to set up an A/B test

Open the A/B Testing Tool


Communication > A/B Tests

Fill in test properties


  1. Determine test type
  2. Select PowerMails.

Be sure to give the issues internal descriptions. Since many A/B tests have the same subject line, the system uses issue descriptions to tell them apart.

Set groups and percentages


  1. Choose from your current selection or from your Publication list
  2. Set percentages. The higher the percentage, the more accurate the results of the comparison.

Publish A/B test


  1. Do the following for Group A and Group B
  2. Give contact name
  3. Schedule Powermail (only schedule different times if you are comparing send times)

Publish Winner

Once enough time has passed, you can check the results of your test.

  1. Clcik Publish Winner
  2. Compare the Open Rate and Click Rate percentages
  3. Learn if the results of your test are statistically signifigant
  4. Select Publish
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